Realtor Information

New Hope Point is a Planned Unit Development managed by New Hope Point Homeowners Association C/O Timmons Properties. The Development contains 102 homes with Common Areas on its periphery.  It is located in Davidson County in its General Services area.

A copy of the document describing the covenants, conditions and restrictions on the Development land may be found in the Section “Association Documents”. Along with this document, you will find the By-Laws and the Architectural Covenants that spells out exterior guidelines.

The payment of annual dues is required of each homeowner (February 15th) to support the operation of the Association. For current annual dues or to obtain certification of the status of payment, please contact our Property Manager for more information. 

The Association also charges a transfer fee when the title transfers on a Development property. Prior to the time of closing, once notified, the Property Manager will provide a form to be completed by the Buyer and returned to the Association to insure the proper recording of the Buyer’s information in the Association’s records and the transfer fee. Please contact our Property Manager to make arrangements.

The Association strongly recommends that Realtors or agents provide prospective buyers with a copy of all Association documents so that they are fully aware of the Association’s existence, purpose and resident requirements. If the current homeowner does not have these available, please refer the prospective buyer to the section, “Important Documents” on our web site.